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Satanic Ritual Simulator: Sabbat Free For A Bit

This is the safe-for-work version, obvs. A lot of nipples are covered by that t-shirt. And where those snakes come from...

With the head of a goat, the wings of a crow, the chitinous legs and abdomen of a centipede, and bits of wolf and snake in places I’ll not trouble you with this early in the morning, I have found… maybe not my true form, but a pretty kvlt one. While Satanic rituals always come at a cost, Satanic ritual simulator Sabbat: Director’s Kvt [store page] is currently (and briefly) pay-what-you-want. It’s a jolly funny and slightly unnerving Twine game about trying to invoke dark powers and become something dreadful, then roaring into the night to find people who’ll adore and fear your new form.

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