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Wot I Think: Oknytt

Despite the name’s similarity with Nifflas’s game Knytt, Oknytt is in fact a Swedish word roughly meaning “goblins”. Which is very much what Nemoria’s point and click adventure is about – the strange creatures of Swedish folklore that live in the dark, dark woods. Here’s wot I think:

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Okay, So Oknytt Is Not Knytt

Knytt is a splendid 2d game of exploration and discovery, in which a tiny creature runs and jumps all over an alien planet. Oknytt is not. So what is it? “Oknytt is a point-and-click adventure game where the player takes the role of a small, seemingly insignificant creature, leading it through a dark world riddled with obstacles to help it find a place to belong. The game takes place in a Norse medieval world and contains a number of beings and areas inspired by Swedish folklore.” Rather than picking things up and using them, the dinky critter has four runes which bring about changes in the environment. Experimenting with their effects in each area is the only way to advance. Look! A video.

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