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OmniBus Driving/Crashing Onto PC Next Week

OmniBus [official site] is a bit like the movie Speed if it lived in the Mercenary III world and hung around with Crazy Taxi. That’s a weird combination, isn’t it? Want something weirder? The game’s Bus Driver Edition comes with a soundtrack and an “actual MCI bus that may or may not have been used to motion capture lifelike bus movement,” so say publisher Devolver Digital. There’s one available for $7,500, apparently, for which they request “serious inquiries only.”

So there you go. If you’d be happier with OmniBus’ digital incarnation, though, it’s out next week.

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Katamari Meets Bus Simulator: OmniBus

It’s far too early to make any game of the year predictions but I’m happy to put OmniBus’ [official site] trailer forward as a likely TOTY contender. Presented as a documentary study of a game that has been in development hell for since the “next-to-last gen”. The game itself is a surreal bus simulator, though it looks to be in the manner of Crazy Taxi via Keita Takahashi rather than Goat Simulator + wheels.

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Wot We Wrote

Old posts are stored in our cellar

Right then. Another week done and another host of words written. This wrapup column, or omnibus if you will, should be here for your perusal before every week’s end. That’s the plan. If you’ve been sensible and read every last letter we’ve daubed across the internet this week, feel free to continue with your weekend as normal. My pithy summaries are not to be considered entertaining or particularly informative in and of themselves. But if you’ve managed to miss any of our special stuff, you’ll find it listed and linked below.

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Wot We Wrote

As a new week begins and the frivolity of the weekend draws to a close, it is normal to look back at the week before and think: “Look on my works, ye Mighty, and say huzzah”. It’s certainly how I prepare for the horrors of every Monday, and I suggest everyone do the same. But I’m no doctor and that’s no prescription for joy. Instead, perhaps take a look through the best of Wot We Wrote last week. It’s stirring stuff.

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The RPS Omnibus 2.0


A long, long time ago, I can still remember, the RPS Omnibus used to make me smile, And I know, that if I had my chance, I could make those people click through. And maybe they’d be happy, for a while.

But all those Saturdays made me shiver, with every post I’d deliver. Very few comments on the doorstep, I couldn’t take one more step.

But hell, let’s see what happens this time around. For those who don’t read us regularly or suffer from short-term memory loss, here’s the best stuff we’ve posted over the last week…
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Omnibus April 13th – April 26th

This Omnibus covers the last couple of weeks, thanks to both myself and Alec being away at the same time. I was off playing Russian games at KRI, the Moscow game developers conference, while Alec was packing his bags for Chicago. Just a holiday, as far as we know. Needless to say the other two didn’t even notice that it hadn’t been done… Anyway, here’s most of the last fortnight in Summary. (I missed out bits due to laziness.)
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RPS Omnibus: Mar 30th – April 5th

I'm really far too lazy to do the photoshopping properly anymore
It’s the Omnispacebus! Space week has been and gone, but if you missed even a single syllable of our vaguely thematic wittering about stars and planets and spaceships and jetpack brontosauruses and dear Christ so much Eve, here’s where to catch up.

Oh, worth quickly mentioning a site-tech snafu, as folk keep mailing us about it – we are aware that the RSS feed is truncated and picture-free. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of a WordPress upgrade, and we’re hoping for word on a fix soon. Soz, like. In gladder tidings, the three people who read us in Safari will be happy to know we once again play nice with Apple’s silvery browser.

And now, on with the busman’s latest holiday.
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RPS Omnibus: March 23rd – 29th

Another week, another embarrassment of riches dug from the pits of PC gaming and presented at your web-browsing throne. This Omnibus, arriving every Saturday, will make sure that you haven’t missed any fragments of info-treasure from the past seven days. Free games, free ideas, free love. It’s all in this week’s omnibus. (Apart from the love, but free emotional indifference doesn’t sound particular appealing, and I’m trying to sell this link, you know?)

Oh and Alec does the bus Photoshop, and he’s away. You’ll just have to wait for next week for a new hitchhiker. Okay? OKAY!
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Omnibus: March 16th – 22nd

Like a jigsaw of past gaming news
Another entire week has passed in the realm of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. We’ve rocked, papered, and shot guns for the entire 168 hours, and in the quiet times we’ve also found time to write some stuff about games. You’ve probably missed the best bits, so why not peruse this handy countdown of cleverness and clarity that we call, “the weekly omnibus”.
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RPS Omnibus: Feb 9th-16th

Tis the Omnomnibus
Here at RPS we write about ten thousand million words per second. The best way to find out which of those billion-cubed sentences you should have read this week is to click onwards into our omnibus. It rounds up what we’ve written during that seven day period, every seven days. As usual, it’s mostly awesome. Omnibustle!

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RPS Omnibus: Feb 3rd-8th

The wheels on the bus go round and round, and are unconvincingly Photoshopped

Goodness, yet another new regular feature. Next we’ll be doing horoscopes and crosswords. (Note – we’re not going to do horoscopes or crosswords).

Anyway, the purpose of this inaugural RPSnibus is to round up every story posted over the last week, for the benefit of our less regular readers. We do, after all, write ALL THE WORDS IN THE WORLD on a daily basis, so hopefully this is easier than bewildered ferreting through our archives. It’s also a handy opportunity to highlight any interesting/entertaining stuff you lot have brought up in the comments threads, and hopefully lure fire’n’forget readers back into the discussions. An RPS post is for life, not just the front page. Is this good idea/bad idea? Let us know’n’all.
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