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Boo! One Late Night: Deadline Released

I might quip something about the horrors of offices, but I've always dreamed of working in one.

You might have seen One Late Night doing the rounds on YouTube last year. A short, free horror game about trying to escape from your locked offices while uncovering a spooky story, it had a goofy ghost trying to find you to spook you good. Jump scares are big nowadays, you know. But, as Adam recently found with Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, that’s no reason to rule a game out (he quite liked the first One Late Night too). So here’s news that commercial sequel One Late Night: Deadline launched yesterday, looking bigger, branchier, and a fair bit prettier.

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Paperwork And Peril: One Late Night – Deadline

The original One Late Night mixed the mundane with the macabre in a way that I very much enjoyed. Using the setting of an after-hours office, with quietly humming computer paraphernalia and lonely trips to the coffee machine, it brought back memories of my previous life as Dilbert, the wacky wageslave. I found it to be a tidy and terrifying experience, unlike most free Slender horror games, but all the people in the comments who disagreed may be pleased to see me eat my hat, which is perched upon an appetiser of humble pie. The sequel, One Late Night: Deadline, doesn’t look very appealing. See for yourself.

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