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Offline Gaming: EA Announces Latest Cull

Are you part of the 1 per cent?

Nothing lasts forever. Entropy takes care of that. (Except for Radio 4’s Money Box Live, which exists outside the boundaries of physics and is eternally on my bloody radio.) But some things are more short-lived than you might be expecting. EA have announced the latest round of their games to have their online support removed, and there’s some recent stuff in there. FIFA Manager 10 is to go, along with FIFA 09. That’s on PC, with a raft of 09 and 10 dated games on the consoles also losing their support. Some older games are going too, including both The Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle-Earth games (2004 and 2006) having already shut down on New Year’s Eve, and 2008’s The Sims Carnival going on the 17th. EA stresses that this represents only 1% of their online players, and point out that it’s a lot of work and money to keep these games going. To see the full list of games that are going, across all formats, look below.

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