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World-hopping minecrafty MMO Boundless has dug its way out of early access

It takes a lot of nerve to take on Minecraft at its own game, but little studio Wonderstruck (made up of ex-Lionhead and EA folk) look like they've taken a serious shot at the king with Boundless. It's a massively multiplayer take on the blocky sandbox genre. Controlling brightly coloured alien explorers, players dig, craft, build and fight with critters across multiple planets. Players can…

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Minecraftbut MMO Boundless picked up by Square Enix’s Collective for release this year

Construction & exploration sandbox MMO Boundless has technically been around for yonks now (nearly four years of early access, and it was once known as Oort Online before that), but only now has it been signed by a big-name company for a multi-platform release. Wonderstruck's planet-hopping MMO has only just be signed by Square Enix's Collective - their indie incubator project - and is due…

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Minecraft-like Boundless To Include PS4 Cross-Play

Boundless [official site] looks like a massively multiplayer Minecraft with portals. When I saw the video from Sony's press even this morning, I was impressed by the art style but wary of the claims that this single universe, open-world sandbox would be altogether different from the many that I stumble across when picking through Steam on a Monday morning. Should I have been surprised to…

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Minecraftbut With Connected Worlds: Oort Online

"It's like Minecraft but..." I always feel lazy and petulant saying this. Have we reached a point where we should come up with an actual name? We don't say "Doom clone" any more (or update it to "CoD clone"), do we? Seems to me this'll happen one of two ways: one Minecraftbut will be popular yet different enough for comparisons to seem strained, or Minecraftbuts…

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