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Turn-Based Colonial Marines: Space Grunts

Perhaps, like me, you believe that everything works better in turn-based form. Where are all the turn-based FPS games, you wonder every night as you’re falling to sleep, and how much better would the world be if Rocket League were turn-based? If that’s the case, the brilliant Nuclear Throne, which John recently reviewed, might look a bit too hectic for your tastes. Enter Space Grunts [official site]. It’s not quite a turn-based Nuclear Throne but it’s pretty damn close.

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Have A Look At Heroes Of Loot

This is a surprise. I am grinning at the Heroes Of Loot trailer. I don’t emote often, even if I am feeling amused or entertained. It’s a defense mechanism from growing up in Glasgow, where emotions are seen as the weak spot of your Glaswegianosity, and displaying happiness was frowned upon with knives and punching. I trained myself to not react to things, and now suffer a face that appears palsied and angry, even when nice things are happening. So take it from me and my grinning mush that speedy little dungeon crawler Heroes Of Loot looks lovely, and it also has an excellent trailer. The buy page even has a demo, which is such a rarity nowadays that it also counts as loot.
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