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Turn-Based Colonial Marines: Space Grunts

Perhaps, like me, you believe that everything works better in turn-based form. Where are all the turn-based FPS games, you wonder every night as you're falling to sleep, and how much better would the world be if Rocket League were turn-based? If that's the case, the brilliant Nuclear Throne, which John recently reviewed, might look a bit too hectic for your tastes. Enter Space Grunts…

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Have A Look At Heroes Of Loot

This is a surprise. I am grinning at the Heroes Of Loot trailer. I don't emote often, even if I am feeling amused or entertained. It's a defense mechanism from growing up in Glasgow, where emotions are seen as the weak spot of your Glaswegianosity, and displaying happiness was frowned upon with knives and punching. I trained myself to not react to things, and now…

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