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Sailaway casts off from early access shores


Hoist up the kedge to lee side! Pack down the puddening, or do you want to see this mulie over-canvassed? Crank that highfield lever or I’ll bimmy you bloody!

Sorry, I’m getting a bit carried away: I haven’t got a clue how sailing works, but I do have access to an online glossary of nautical terms. Also, Enya.

Sailing sim Sailaway has braved the early access tempest and emerged into the calm ocean waters of… being properly out. It aims to recreate every jib and jibboom (a spar used to extend the bowsprit, come on keep up) from physical sailing, as well as every ocean on God’s blue Earth. Get ready to get your feet wet.

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Northwest Passages: The final storm

It’s almost over. My valiant journey from ocean to ocean via the infamous Northwest Passage is coming to an end. It took the autonomous crew of sailing simulator Sailaway and I a total of 2 months and 5 days, much of which was spent stranded in a pleasant little place called Terror Bay. But we’ve hoisted the mainsail for the final time. With just 39 miles to go we will have broken into out of the Bering Sea come morning, into the grand Pacific ocean. But how did these last few weeks go? Let’s consult the captain’s log to find out. Read the rest of this entry »

Northwest Passages: Reaching for the Beaufort Sea

My noble mission to travel the infamous Northwest Passage using only my wits and salty sailing sim Sailaway [official site] continues with all the recklessness of a manic toddler. Last time the crew and I got stuck in water a metre deep after we made the definitely joint decision to detour into a place called Terror Bay. But nothing can stop this valiant vessel. The Bluster & Guesswork will not know failure. It will not know disruption. It will not know defeat! I mean, it’s a boat, it won’t know anything.
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Northwest Passages: Sailing into Terror Bay

What ho! The voyage of the Bluster & Guesswork, my beautiful boat in realistic sailing sim Sailaway [official site], continues at breakneck speed (0.9 knots). For those joining us, I have set out to conquer the Northwest Passage, that difficult and deadly route between Atlantic and Pacific ocean. But one month into the journey and we have been, er, delayed. As captain, I refuse to take responsibility. My crew have been slack and disobedient. I am confident my journal will exonerate me of all blame.
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Northwest Passages: A thousand miles

The voyages of the Bluster and Guesswork continue apace. After setting out from Greenland in sail boat sim Sailaway [official site] two weeks ago I am now sailing the Northwest Passage in earnest, following in the cold, wet footsteps of Franklin himself. I had originally thought it’d take months and months to get anywhere but the respectable auto-pilot has been roaring through the sea foam tirelessly day and night. Together, we’ve travelled almost a thousand miles already. Here’s how things are going, according to my captain’s log.
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I am going to sail the Northwest Passage in this boat sim

Hello. I know absolutely nothing about sailing, so I am going to sail the Northwest Passage. You may scoff at my ambition, taking on an infamously difficult sea route that has killed hundreds, but I have something those pioneers did not – a completely fake boat. Sailaway [official site] is a sim that is both friendly and (like many sims) weirdly relaxing. It’s still in early access but already allows you to sail all the seas of the globe, and uses realtime data to recreate the weather wherever you are, from dangerous storms to windless expanses of flat water.

This journey is likely to take me several months in real time, if I do not run aground on King William Island or get locked in ice, that is (I still don’t know if getting trapped like this is possible as I refuse to do any research, for maximum adventure). So look out for updates every month or so. For now, here’s how my first day went. Read the rest of this entry »

Sailaway casts off and sails into early access

Orinoco Flow is my favourite Grimes song.

I’m fascinated by the idea of Sailaway [official site], a persistent sailing simulator where boats sail life-sized oceans in real time and continue when you’re not playing. In-game weather conditions are shaped by real-world meterological data too, and your boat can even e-mail you if something bad’s brewing. While some may adore the idea of spending weeks at the helm, constantly fine-tuning their rigging, I’m more into the idea of boat as virtual pet – a Tamayachtchi to occasionally visit. Sailaway last night sailed into the early access ocean, so I’ll have to see if I can befriend a boat myself. Read the rest of this entry »

Online sim Sailaway sounds an interesting Tamayachtchi

I’m fascinated by the idea of OrbCreation’s online sailing sim Sailaway [official site], traversing life-size oceans on voyages which continue in real time even when you turn your computer off. The game’s weather will change following real meteorological data too, and apparently the game can e-mail you updates on your progress so you can hop aboard to make corrections. All of which makes it sound both a sailing simulator and a virtual pet. A Tamayachtchi. Read the rest of this entry »