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A first look at Order of Magnitude, Introversion’s ambitious colony sim


In Introversion’s upcoming hard sci-fi colony sim Order of Magnitude, Earth has been destroyed by an extinction level comet hit. It’ll be your job to oversee humanity’s attempts to rebuild as we fragile fleshsacks spread throughout a realistically simulated solar system, complete with accurate orbital models for every celestial body. There are tentative plans concerning intercultural conflicts and moral conundrums, where you’ll have to confront the harsh reality of surviving both intense radiation and hostile colonists.

In the hour long preview build I’ve played, the main thing I confronted was an intimidating array of buildings and resource processing recipes. I spoke with programming lead Chris Delay and managing director Mark Harris, and while their vision for what OoM will become is an exciting one, it’s not clear yet how the human element will sit alongside the scientific detail.

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