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LoL Worlds 2015: The Semi-Finals Roundup

Spoiler-free semi-final images!

Hello! Time for a quick League of Legends World Championships [official site] catchup after the weekend. Obviously there will be spoilers so this is your chance to stop reading if you don’t want to know who made it through the semifinals yet.

Still here? Then let’s proceed:

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League Of Legends Worlds Semi-Finals: Origen vs SKT

This afternoon marks the start of the semi-finals of this year’s League of Legends World Championships [official site]. I can’t get there what with it having decamped to Brussels BUT I can definitely give you a recap of the teams and their journeys so far along with a couple of predictions. I’ll also be back on Monday to pick through what happened in the matches.

Onward for Origen versus SKT!

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LoL Worlds 2015: The First Quarter-Final Winner

Flash Wolves face off against Origen

The first of the League of Legends World Championships [official site] semi-finalists have been decided after the European team, Origen, took on the LMS’s Flash Wolves in the opening quarter-final at London’s Wembley Arena.

Spoilers await after the jump!

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League Of Legends World Championships: Day 1 Is Flash Wolves vs Origen

Big Ben - It would be cool if Riot had managed to get Big Ben as the match timer somehow.

The League of Legends [official site] World Championships has emerged from its group stage cocoon and eight beautiful quarter final butterflies have flapped their way to Wembley Arena. I’ll be heading down there later today to watch the MOBA action unfold, chat to players and count the Teemo hats in the audience. But before I do, here’s a smidge of info if you were thinking of tuning in yourselves (we also have a useful primer here)!

Day 1 is Flash Wolves vs Origen and kicks off at 5pm BST:

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