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Hoverbiking ain’t easy, says Desert Child’s pre-E3 trailer

Desert Child

More than anything else, solo dev Oscar Brittain’s upcoming sci-fi shooty-racer Desert Child reminds me of Cinemaware’s ancient DOS and Amiga games. It’s one thing to present a racing career as a series of circuits with nothing of note in-between, but I’d say it’s far more interesting to portray the whole thing as a rags-to-riches cinematic story. Desert Child is stylish, self-assured and packed with deviations, minigames and weird interactions, as you can see in its confident new trailer within.

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Ride hoverbikes & eat ramen in shootracer Desert Child

Here’s something to mollify the ceaseless march towards decrepitude. Desert Child [ page] is a stylish sidescrolling shooter where you ride a hoverbike across the sandy remains of a half-deserted earth in an attempt to escape the planet and fulfill your racing dreams on Mars. You need $500 to get a ticket and you’ll need to keep your bike in good working nick and your belly full of cheap noodles while you’re at it. I’ve had a go. It’s not easy (it even feels a little broken in terms of balance) but it is still in early development, so cut a hoverbiker some slack and look at this phwoar trailer.
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