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Class Warfare: Our Darker Purpose

As I prepared to rest my weary head last night, I peered inside my mailbox to check for the latest issue of the superlative Moustache Fancier Periodical. It was not to be. Rather than being greeted by a booklet of handsome lip furniture, I found myself confronted with several messages about Our Darker Purpose, the Kickstarter project that reminds me of The Binding of Isaac, set in a grimly humorous orphanage/school in which monsters are devouring the pupils, and the pupils are on the verge of devouring one another. Avidly Wild Games have almost reached their target but there are only a few hours to go. I downloaded the demo to see if it lived up to the excellent writing that graces the project page.

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Student Bodies: Our Darker Purpose

pupils at the other Hogwarts

Our Darker Purpose is a story about a stylised school/orphanage from which all of the teachers have vanished, leaving the students to form factions and fight to the death, which is precisely what children do, as proven by the terrifying reality television show Lord of the Flies. To make matters worse, all of the furniture is haunted and most of it has teeth. And the school is sitting on top of an otherworldly abyss. With random item drops, character customisation and a Zelda-meets-roguelike vibe, the whole thing looks like Isaac has been dragged from the basement and dropped off at the boarding house on the borderlands. The little blighter even makes a cameo appearance. To nobody’s surprise, there’s a Kickstarter and a quarter of the $40,000 has almost been raised.

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