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Explore A Sinister City In Fab Free Game North


Here’s a problem: the more I show and tell you about North [official site], the less you’ll get to discover yourself – and North is very much a game about being lost, confused, and surprised. It’s a game starring an asylum seeker in a surreal city, see, and being confounded by local behaviour and bureaucracy. So I’ll skirt around it: North has one of finest alien cities I’ve visited in video games, ever surprising and unsettling, and I greatly enjoyed discovering it. It’s free, so just go nab it and don’t read this, yeah?

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Angelic Torture In Free Game Dämmerung

An attack is imminent, informants say. The eight suspects bound before you are active members of the North militia, you’re told, and you have authority to get information out of them any way you please. It urges you to be brutal, though, building from spitting and slapping to mutilation and murder. You’ve got to save the world, after all. Dämmerung [official site] is out now for free.

It’s not the first grotesque torture game I’ve played, but its eerie heavenly tone really stands out.

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The Generation Game: Breeder

Jimmy doesn't exist in this timeline

Breeder is a creepy adventure game in which you play the part of curious children across three generations of an unusual family. Something’s not quite right in the Carr household and you’ll need to switch between the 1951, 1987 and 2020 to explore all of the secrets hidden beneath the floorboards, behind the broken facades of adults and between the ones and the zeroes of the code. The three little tykes you control can examine any object in the world and can interact with some, but that’s all. No inventories, no combat, just looking and learning. You can play for free or pick your own price.

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