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Control your ghost and zombie in Over My Dead Body

“Where do I see myself in thirty years?” the interviewer asks. Well, either as a ghost haunting a lonely cove or as part of the happy scrappy skeletal horde rampaging through Armageddon. I do not receive callbacks.

When scientist Noelle Brody got a job at Mortiga Consolidated, she did not expect she’d suffer ‘double undeath’ and be split into both a ghost and a zombie. Yet here she is in Over My Dead Body (For You) [official site], directing both her ethereal and meat aspects around the offices as she solves puzzles, possesses people, devours folks, and runs from robots. After three months in early access, the full game is now out. Read the rest of this entry »

Experience Double Undeath In Over My Dead Body

Double Undeath sounds fun!

I hope I become a skellington after I die. Being a zombie is pointless (barring iZombie magibrains) and being a ghost is sad, but skellingtons are always laughing and larking about. However, apparently one can become both a ghost and a zombie?

That’s what happens to Noelle Brody in Over My Dead Body (For You) [official site], the newly-announced commercial follow-up to a fun free action-puzzler from 2014. It’ll send us off on a merry murderous adventure through the megacorp which did this to her, controlling her zombie and ghost on different thumbsticks (or keys).

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