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Feature: Who do? You do. Do what?

Impressions: Full Mojo Rampage

I'm very easily pleased. Just sit me down in front of an episode of Man Vs Food Nation, give me a killer sudoku, and I'm out of your hair. Similarly, give me a toppish-down or platforming rogue-like-like (as I think we're all agreeing they should be known), and I'll very likely be kept happy and out from under your feet. Which means it takes me…

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What Do Voodoo? Full Mojo Rampage

Over The Top Games send word of a new trailer for their "rogue-like, action-adventure", Full Mojo Rampage. Bizarrely, the trailer is a black and white thing which looks like an entirely different side-scrolling game. I want to play that game! Full Mojo Rampage itself is a top-down voodoo-driven action RPG with roguelike elements. I've also posted a developer diary to give you an idea of…

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