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Shrink ’em Up: Overclocked

Big forehead = brain full of troubled genius

I had a wee play with an early build of the English version of pointer-clickerer Overclocked yesterday. It’s from House of Tales, the German studio behind The Moment of Silence – a future-dystopia adventure game best known in Blighty for sponsoring Battlestar Galactica on Sky One, and in America for scoring 14% in PC Gamer US (our own John ‘the UK’s leading bunny-drawing adventure game critic’ Walker proffered a more forgiving 48% for The Real PC Gamer). Hopefully, though, they’re strong-like-ox for this’un.

Overclocked dials back MOS’ scattergun sci-fi in favour of modern-day psychological horror. Immediate touchstones are Max Payne – we’re in a gloomy, rain-slicked New York, in which everyone is preternaturally grumpy – and Fahrenheit/The Indigo Prophecy (or at least its first few hours) – this is a tale of murder and conspiracy, featuring an unhappy, guilt-ridden protagonist.

Your role is this dark melodrama is to play a troubled psychiatrist, previously thrown out of the military under mysteeeeeeeeerious circumstances, called in to establish why five near-catatonic yoof showed up half-naked and gun-wielding on the city streets. Read the rest of this entry »