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Feature: Pillboxes perish

Overlordy: Turn 1

This year's communal Combat Mission game utilizes the series progenitor – Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord (2000). Over the next twenty days, using orders issued via comments, volunteers will attempt to prevent British troops freshly landed on the shores of Normandy from taking control of a village close to the coast. The size and composition of the Allied force is a mystery at this point, but…

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Feature: Operation Speed Bump

Communal Combat Mission COs required

A Combat Mission battle orchestrated by a single wargamer invariably furnishes drama. Replace that lone CO with a band of collaborating commenters and the resulting pandemonium can be astonishingly tense, tangled, and resonant. This year's communal CM challenge involves the very first CM title – Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord (2000) - and a petite chunk of French coastline in imminent danger of liberation. Volunteers like…

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