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Overwatch Open Winners Will Nab $100,000 This Week

One of the biggest tournaments so far of Overwatch [official site] is happening this week, with a total prize pool of $300,000. We told you about it a couple of months ago but, silly you, you’ve forgotten. The Overwatch Open has already seen one day of North American regionals, kicking off yesterday, with the second day of games happening right now. But Europe and the grand final itself is yet to come. Here’s the schedule and details of how to watch it.

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Overwatch World Cup: You Can Vote For Your Country’s Team Now, Except It’s Not Really A Vote

Overwatch is getting its own World Cup, we learned last week, and it’s got a populist twist. Blizzard told us that when the time came, you would be able to vote for the players in your country’s team. Well, that voting process has now started. You can pick four players to represent your nation at BlizzCon in November by logging into and going here. Why four and not six? Well, that’s because Blizzard are keeping the final two picks to themselves. In fact, when you look closely at the tournament, it looks like Blizzard aren’t relinquishing any control over the games at all.

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Overwatch To Get World Cup But United States, China And Others Will Qualify For ‘Top 16’ Automatically

A wise ice nerd once said “Our world is worth fighting for.” But the world is also worth fighting against, if Blizzard are to be believed. The developers have recently announced that their team shooter Overwatch [official site] will be getting a World Cup competition and that the finals will be held at BlizzCon in November. But almost a third of the teams won’t even have to qualify to get through to the final games. The US, China, Australia and others will all go through unchallenged. But before we explain that weirdness, let’s look at how the tournament is structured.

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