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Freeware Garden: Hypothermia

An ocean of deadly cold water always breaks the ice at parties.

I only recently (re-)discovered that I love my games with snow storms in them. I seem to find extreme, digital snowfall soothing for some reason. Even if said games are called Hypothermia, which doesn’t sound like a particularly enjoyable thing to experience, but here is a lovely looking game that feels effectively cold and blizzardy.

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Freeware Garden: You Won’t Tell Anyone, Right?

Nothing could ever possibly go wrong honey, nothing at all.

I found You won’t tell anyone, right? to be one of the most depressing and disturbing games I have recently played. Then again, I do normally tend to avoid bleak, tormented personal narratives as much as possible; even more so when they involve child abuse. Or, well, successfully imply it.

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