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Bwah? – Neal Stephenson’s CLANG, 39 Others Greenlit

Maybe Valve should put a yellow light in front of Steam Greenlight, because it needs to slooooooooow down – for just a second or two, anyway. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I’m all for tons of games getting the go-ahead to drown in sweet, sweet Greenlight green, but this week’s batch included – among a few other questionable/forgettable picks – Neal Stephenson’s CLANG. You know, the one whose development has been mostly halted and may not ever reach completion? Admittedly, Stephenson claims it’ll get finished no matter what… somehow, but maybe Valve should’ve held off until it was in a less questionable position? Or given the slot to a more deserving game? With improvements come new complications. Guess it’s true what they say: it’s not easy bein’ green(light).

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Play As A Truly “Alien” Alien In Paradise Lost: First Contact

This screenshot is basically useless. Go watch the video. Go. Go!

I love covering crazy, wildly creative PC games from small studios, in large part because – much like a maniacal, self-replicating plant alien – they can come out of nowhere, surprise the cynical scowl off my face, and ultimately delight/murder me. Despite an almost certainly overwrought name, Paradise Lost: First Contact looks like an incredibly cool concept – not to mention one that circumvents one of my big problems with many games: our aliens are often just humans with candy-colored skin. In this one, however, you play as a captive plant alien squid monster thing that must use stealth, guile, and horrifying strangeness to flee and – bleeech – replicate. Go below to see for yourself. It’s positively brilliant stuff. Wow.

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