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“Right,” Said Fred: Fredrik Wester Interview

The Staring Eyes Of Fredrik Wester
As one of the nerdiest PC game publishers out there, it’s only right that Paradox Interactive and RPS should be well acquainted. Look! Here’s Paradox CEO Fred Wester talking on his new blog, The Wester Front, about why he loves the PC as a platform, with some hard stats as to why it’s growing, not dying. That’s interesting.

Anyway, I caught up with Fred at GamesCom for an excitable chat about the state of PC gaming, DRM, witch doctors, Paradox’s growth and why complex games have fallen from the shop shelves in recent years. It was a good time. Read on after the jump.
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Online Outlined: Paradox Connect Announced

From left to right: the inside of Jim's head, John's head, Kieron's head and Alec's head.
Paradox Interactive, publisher of Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Magicka, Mount & Blade and many other fine PC-exclusive titles has announced its very own online networking service will be entering beta later this year. Entitled Paradox Connect, it’s designed to give Paradox fans more of an online identity, with achievements, a virtual gamer card and an online collection of their games.

Paradox has stated the move is absolutely not a form of DRM since the whole service will be entirely optional, and that it ties in with a shift in the company towards online games and downloadable content. They also say that if you buy Paradox’s games on Steam, the achievements will be making an appearance as Steam achievements. Bandwagon jumping then, but a leisurely, sensible kind of bandwagon jumping where the bandwagon comes to a complete stop and lowers an access ramp first. Full press release after the jump, and an interview with Paradox CEO Fred Wester coming up next week.
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