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Feature: Buggy Malone

Empire Of Sin review

Welcome to Chicago in the 1920s; the last known time that fedoras were actually cool. The city is dry, thanks to prohibition, but there’s a rich underworld of gangsters ready to sell you dodgy spirits on the sly. Amid the cigar smoke and whisky-breath, notorious criminals go to war over every street and every establishment. Speakeasies, casinos, and brothels are the money-makers of the moment.…

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Crusader Kings 3 now lets you create your own character

What's the point of conquering medieval Europe if you can't do it as yourself, your mate, a minor television celebrity e.g. Noel Edmonds, or Shrek? Thankfully, Crusader Kings 3 today adds a 'Ruler Designer' in a free update, giving plenty of options to customise your starting character's appearance, personality, skills, and such. It has some pretty in-depth and gruesome customisation options so I look forward…

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Feature: Vampires actually only bathe once a year

Bloodlines 2 bath bombs are exactly what you’d expect

At the risk of this becoming that episode of The Simpsons where they see inside Lenny's house and he says "please don't tell anyone how I live", I'm going to share some pictures of my bath with you. That header picture is not me, or my bath, by the way. I wish I put that much effort in when I have baths. It is the…

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Feature: Sirius business

Best Stellaris mods

You. Hey you. Come here. Closer. You look like someone interested in unorthodox game updates? What are you looking for? Stellaris? Right, right. Shhh. Keep walking. You don’t know me. See that guy up there, with the three arms and glowing eyes? Tell him you’re here for Stellaris mods. He’ll hook you up with some prime grand strategy space gear. We’re talking total conversions, quality…

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Feature: *That's* how mafia works

Preview: Empire Of Sin is a seamless blend of four different gangster games

There are two, pretty obvious, factors by which I judge strategy games: how immediately satisfying they are to play, and how well that satisfaction holds up in the long run. Success in the first respect is often a trade-off for success in the second, as the things that dazzle on day one become dulled by the cumulative effect of small design problems. It's hard, then,…

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Stellaris’s new Necroids are building a deathless stellar empire

What's the point of forging an eternal space empire if you're not around to see it? Why let a pesky thing like mortality ruin your timeless dominion over the cosmos? Such things don't concern Stellaris's newest band of ramblin' shamblin' undead aliens, The Necroids, descending upon the galaxy in today's new Species Pack. 'Tis the season for an undead apocalypse, after all.

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Surviving The Aftermath has arrived on Steam after a year of Epic exclusivity

There's nothing like a spot of cheery post-apocalyptic city building to keep you going in this fine year we call 2020. After a year of Epic exclusivity, Surviving The Aftermath has arrived in early access on Steam. It's one of those strategy and management games where you can build a colony for some apocalypse survivors to hang out in, with the ultimate goal of restoring…

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Europa Universalis II is free on GOG for Paradox’s 20th anniversary sale

GOG are giving away Europa Universalis II for free right now as part of their Paradox Interactive 20th Anniversary sale. Both the sale and the giveaway are running until 2pm BST on October 24th, so make sure you add the classic strategy game to your GOG account before then if you fancy picking it up. There are also some great deals to be had on…

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You can continue a Crusader Kings 3 world in Europa Universalis 4, then Victoria 2, then Hearts Of Iron 4

What to do when you've completed a Crusader Kings 3 campaign? You could start over as a new ruler in a new place, I suppose, but isn't that negligent? A truly responsible leader would steer their nation through the middle ages, the Victorian era, and World War 2. And you can do that thanks to a tool which transfers a CK3 world into Europa Universalis…

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Crusader Kings 3’s patch 1.1 culls excessive bastardisation and other AI quirks

Medieval conquer 'em up Crusader Kings 3 will be pushing out a huge patch to fix all sorts of bugs and AI oddities. Really though, it almost feels like some of these bugs deserve to stay. They're hard-working bugs, folks. The strategy simulation is adding fixes for overzealous spymasters, children with poor role models, and Popes with a taste for the flesh of the faithful.

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Feature: Launch issues? Fear not.

Crusader Kings 3 won’t launch – how to fix

Crusader Kings 3, with its army-raising, dynasty-creating, and kinslaying, can keep you occupied for hours on end. That’s why it came as a terrible surprise when my version of the game wouldn’t open. Terrifying stuff. I fixed it though! Here’s how to fix Crusader Kings 3’s launch issues.

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Feature: How to improve control and development.

Crusader Kings 3 county control and development guide

Counties are the smallest kind of domain you can hold in Crusader Kings 3, and as such you’ll need to manage them carefully. In particular, your county control and development are vital for the output of both gold and levies, so it’s well worth improving them where you can. Here’s how to increase county control and development in Crusader Kings 3.

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Feature: Like squabbling children.

How to stop your vassals fighting in Crusader Kings 3

If you fancy taking over large swathes of land in Crusader Kings 3 you’ll need to have vassals under your control. This is all well and good if they’re all doing their jobs and paying taxes and levies to their rightful liege, but what if they start petty infighting for seemingly no reason? Well, here’s how to stop your vassals from fighting each other in…

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Feature: Knighty Knight.

Crusader Kings 3 knights guide: recruitment, management, and prowess

Knights are the elite fighters in your Crusader Kings 3 army, often acting as a turning point for you in battles against weaker foes. They have various names, like Fāris, Shoorveers, Champions, or Baghaturs, but throughout the game knights are the same. Here’s how to recruit more knights, and all the things they’re useful for.

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Empire Of Sin’s tactical crime capers commence this December

Pack an extra-thick trenchcoat and woolly fedora, readers. Empire Of Sin, the tactical prohibition crime spree from Romero Games and Paradox Interactive, is preparing to hit the streets this December. As I hear it, Chicago winters are real rough - but what better time to start extorting, shooting and smart-talking your way to the top than under the cover of a roaring blizzard?

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Crusader Kings 3 is getting a huge fantasy mod inspired by Dragon Age and The Witcher

One of the main reasons I'm not super into games like Crusader Kings 3 is that they're based on proper history. I know, I know, how uncultured of me. What can I say? Magic and dragons in medieval settings just fire me up a bit more. That excuse won't fly much longer, though, because some CK3 fans are making a mod inspired by the likes…

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Feature: How to be a Korea criminal.

Crusader Kings 3 North Korea strategy – how to control your entire realm without vassals

The ‘North Korea’ strategy has returned for Crusader Kings 3, and it lets you completely dominate the world if pulled off correctly. This style of play was a thing in the previous version of the game, but has been made even stronger and more viable at this point in CK3’s lifetime.Here’s how to do the North Korea strategy in Crusader Kings 3 and become supreme…

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Feature: Murchad Worldwide.

Best starting characters in Crusader Kings 3 – which rulers to pick

There are a huge number of rulers to choose from in Crusader Kings 3, and looking at the map it can get a bit overwhelming. Of course, choose the character who most resonates with you - if you want to shag your way to a horny gang of Estonian giants, no one's stopping you.We've put together some suggestions if you're stuck though. Here's the best…

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