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Wot I Think: Parallax

As first-person puzzle games get more complicated, we have two choices as a species. To develop mightier, more powerful brains than ever before, or to just try not to think too hard and hope it works out. After the Digipen team that brought us Narbacular Drop opened up very apposite portals in our minds, the genre has run with it, leading to the brain-straining likes of Infinifactory, Void, Antichamber, Standpoint, The Talos Principle and Mind: Path To Thalamus. And as the concepts get more complex, the contortions our brains need to achieve get bendier.

I think Parallax [official site] might have given my brain a nasty sprain.

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As If Parallax Didn’t Already Look Insane Enough…

Hnrrrrrgghhhhhh what is happening herrrrre

Antichamber made way too much sense.”

Surely that’s the driving mandate behind Parallax. I can’t think of any other mindset – if, indeed, the otherworldly creatures that produced this¬†thing¬†even adhere to our primitive concept of “mind” – that’d bring us to this point. John spotlighted it last year and was already “a bit scared by how complicated this looks.” Continuing his train of thought, I am now terrified. Why? Because Toasty Games decided to turn off all the gravity.

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Parallax Is Looking Gorgeous, Mind-Bending

Back last year, while rooting through the IGF entries, I found Parallax – a game that made my brain all hurty. In a good way. It describes itself as “a first-person puzzle platformer with overlapping spatial dimensions.” I describe myself as “a bit scared by how complicated this looks.”

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