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Slender: The Arrival Stumbles About In The Dark

Say cheese!
A couple of people (thanks!) forwarded me the Slender: The Arrival beta footage which I’ve posted below. I watched it, not knowing what to expect, but in hindsight I realise I should have known exactly what to expect, which is a lot of stumbling about in the dark with a flashlight, as the game slowly raises a battery of terrifying drones and horrifying Slender Man images to daunt you as you progress.

A one trick pony, perhaps, but it’s a fucking nightmarish pony. The beta comes with 50%-off pre-orders, which are available now.
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Slenderman Re-Arrives In Slender: The Arrival

Among the more controversial changes is the decision to turn Slenderman into an innocuous collection of rocks and trees.

Hey everyone, Slenderman’s back! Again. Also, he was never really away, seeing as he’s always right behind you and – seriously – he never went anywhere. After redefining the phrase “anatomy of fear,” Slender spawned roughly 300 (just kidding: actual number is one gazillion) imitators of varying quality and, er, existence. But now, original developer Parsec Productions is on the comeback trail – this time with a full commercial release. I have to wonder, though: How far can this go? I mean, Slenderman’s overnight fame precedes him. At this point, what’s left for him to kill aside from the element of surprise?

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Slender Delivers Scares From Internet’s Darkest Depths

Just don't look behind you. Or to the sides. Or anywhere, really.

When going about my day-to-day business, I like to maintain a healthy level of heart-rate-skyrocketing paranoia. So naturally, I find myself glancing over my shoulder a fair bit when I’m out and about, and it’s quiet – too quiet. Slender, I think, is a pretty good validation of all my greatest fears. It’s based on Something Awful’s Slender Man myth (which I confess to having known nothing about until now), but ends up feeling a bit like Amnesia – dread-inducing use of complete darkness and all – but in an open forest with one hyper-spooky thing constantly Right Behind You.

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