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Feature: The only postman simulator I need

Have you played… Space Run?

Space Run has got to be one of the least tower defence-y tower defence games in my Steam library. It has more in common with FTL than with most other games in its genre: your aim as Captain (and certified space-postman) Buck Mann is to fly your ship as quickly as possible from collection point to delivery point, micro-managing your resources and defences in real-time…

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Masters Of Anima looks like Pikmin, sounds like shouting

It's been a while since we had a good Pikmin-like; such a strange little sub-genre, it still bears it's parent's name. We've seen the likes of Overlord come and go, and Little King's Story is still properly lovely, but we could do with a few more, especially on PC.If only the trailer for Masters of Anima would calm down a little. Maybe hold a shot…

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Space-Honk Space-Honkkk! Space Run Galaxy Released

E what now? No no, come on, get out of here with your "this game is expected to launch in late 2019." I don't care what The Man says. Reader, I should mention that I'm flanked by two hired goons named - sorry, I feel awful for not asking: what are your names? - Edith and Duncan, lovely to meet you, from Big Video Games.…

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Celestial Service: New Space Run Galaxy Trailer

What frustrated me most about Space Run was that it failed to deliver on its initial potential. Like Adam, I was taken by its nuanced slant on tower defence, as I built weapon-heavy space-trucks and hauled cargo containers to and fro hostile intergalactic thoroughfares, however I felt it became too repetitive after its first few hours. There was a good game lurking in there somewhere,…

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Keep On Action-Trucking: Space Run Galaxy Announced

Back in 2014, building up a spaceship to run cargo in Space Run [official site] renewed Adam's interest in tower defense games. Space Run gives players a big space-truck to haul everything from plain old cargo containers to thrill-seeking tourists, and naturally they must build up the truckship with weapons and defenses if they want to complete the delivery in time - and survive. Now…

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Feature: Catastrophic courier

Impressions: Space Run

Space! It isn’t just about commanding gleaming armadas and piloting sleek starships. No, sir. There’s plenty of time for all that, young cadet, but in a place so vast (space really is quite large) there’s a lot of demand for workers. Janitors and miners have been hot business for a while but it’s couriers we’re after now. Space Truckers, like in that one Dennis Hopper…

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Planet Express: Space Run Delivers Mobile Tower Defense

When I saw the trailer for Space Run last week, I immediately opened up an IM window and sent it to a few friends. Then, satisfied with having shared the strategic space ship construction game, I felt the sense of closure I normally get from posting things here and wiped it from my memory. That's why it's only now while cleaning my inbox that I…

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