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Pac-Python: Pix The Cat

Pix the Cat [official site] is a score attack arcade game that mashes Pac-Man and Snake together. Pix runs through mazes, boosting by selecting a direction before he hits a junction as in Pac-Man DX Edition, and collects eggs. The eggs hatch and a trail of ducklings follows Pix – the longer the trail, the greater the risk of colliding with it, and the greater the speed at which Pix moves.

Oh, but Pix the Cat is also a puzzle game in which every egg must be collected before Pix hits the drop-off point. In this mode it’s about calculating the outcome of every move, across tightly designed levels. There’s also a multiplayer mode with missile-launching catbots.

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Pac-Snake: Pix The Cat Coming To PC


I hadn’t thought I’d ever play Pac-Man or its clones ever again until Pac-Man Championship Edition DX arrived. It jazzed the Pac-formula up with speed, excitement, peril, and a whole load of noise, colours, and points pop-ups, turning the old all shiny and new. I am no longer a horrible cynic about new takes on old arcade games. So I’ll certainly keep an eye on Pix the Cat, which publishers Focus Home have announced is coming to PC from PlayStations later this month. It’s an arcadey high-scoring sort of a game which seems to blend bits of Snake and Pac-Man into one big loud colourful thing.

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