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Imbalanced: Cosmicube

Delightful girlfriend was NGamer's ball-controller specialist reviewer. Missus!

Creator Patrick Richardson mailed us to mention his Unity-powered ball manipulation game (Missus! – Election Editor), I tried to remember why I didn’t post it when Schizoslayer lobbed it at me via IM a couple of weeks ago. And then I remembered. I’m posting now, as there’s a neat minor aspect to it. Basically, the first person to beat the 25 levels – without losing their lives – gets their name permanently added to the front page. Which is neat. You can play it online here or download (For Mac or PC!) here. Schizo and I couldn’t get past the third level before getting distracted. BUT SOME OF YOU ARE MADE OF MASOCHIST AND CRAVE ETERNAL RECOGNITION*. Some footage follows.
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