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Space Cubed: Infinite Pixels

Dat anti-aliasing
There’s a scene in Anchorman where it’s pointed out that Ron Burgundy will read out whatever’s written on the teleprompter. I am like that with RPS posts and open-world space games. I see a space game and I immediately whack open WordPress, ready to point out the many ways in which the game will allow you to play. Right now it seems like it’s a particularly fertile genre: the past few months has given me plenty of reason to hit the CMS and make words at your face holes. Today’s Pavlovian response post is about Infinite Pixels, a space game with elements of Minecraft and bits of the Garry’s Mod gamemode Space Build. Come check it out with me, space fans. And just to get it out the way, there will be links to IndieGoGo and Greenlight in the post. But also a cool video.
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