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Sales, Statistics & Secrecy: Wadjet Respond To SteamSpy


People do seem to like numbers, don’t they? Scores, sales, profits, records, comparisons, biscuits eaten, angels on the head of a pin, and other statistics I find a curious part of gaming fandom. The holy grail for numberfans is, as far as I can see, Steam sales figures.

The latest site trying to guess at Steam numbers by extrapolating from what little data we can see is SteamSpy, and not everyone’s happy with it. In response to folks poking at SteamSpy statistics and asking personal questions, adventure game house Wadjet Eye Games have talked a bit about the reliability and uses of data and their unease about sharing numbers.

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PC Game Sales: 47% Of PC Purchases Are Digital

This is totally not an easy one to illustrate

Or so say the RPS readers anyway. I wanted to do a follow up on the polls Jim ran a few weeks ago, highlighting the results and what they say about the state of the PC nation (in short: People buy stuff on direct download! Man!). Some of them didn’t require much other interpretation. Others – like the one in the header – required a little maths to arrive at. And more beneath the cut…

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Top 20 PC Games of 2008. In N. America. In Retail.

We’re not going to let a little fact like us strenuously and repeatedly arguing against the validity of NPD’s statistics regarding PC Gaming cause us to not post something fun like this. NPD have provided IGN a list of the Top 20 PC Games sold in… oh, you can read the post title, yeah? You’ll find them and a little commentary beneath the cut…
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PC Game Sales: The Mysterious 14%

All the info you'll need!

A number you might see a lot over the next few days is 14%. This is, according to the US games sales data compilers NPD, the percentage drop in PC game sales in 2008 from 2007, the market pulling in $701m. As reported by GameDaily, the figure suggests the PC has fallen in sharp contrast to the soaring figures for console sales. But of course this number doesn’t mean an enormous amount – it does not include so much of the PC market, including digital downloads, micro-payments or subscriptions. Which is a big deal.

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