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PC Gaming Alliance Reforms With Mobile As Open Gaming

"To advance the PC as a worldwide gaming platform" was the mission statement of the PC Gaming Alliance upon formation in 2008. Microsoft, Intel, Epic, AMD, Nvidia, Activision, and other big names were dedicated to the exciting but vague cause. It's now even vaguer, as the PC Gaming Alliance has embraced mobile gaming and branded itself as the Open Gaming Alliance.All we've really seen from…

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PC Gaming In Still Not Dead Shocker

I'll start this by saying that, to date, I've not been at all impressed by the PC Gaming Alliance, an organisation which seems to have been charging its members large sums to do God only knows what in near-silence, while PC gaming has busily got on with resurging dramatically all by itself. So I'm not entirely inclined to take their report on the current state…

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PC IS STRONG: PC Games Revenue Up 19%

We're all doomed! Time is running out! What will stop the death of PC games? Perhaps continuing to get bigger each year, with a 20% annual rise in revenue in the already enormous market could help. Once again, our favourite format failed to meet the expectations of the publishing industry, and went and sold billions of dollars worth of games. What is it like, eh?The…

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PCGA: Lots Of Gaming PCs Sold In 2009

The PC Gaming Alliance has released its annual Horizons report to its members, and a press release to the rest of us. Said release indicates that PC gaming hardware sales were pretty healthy in 2009, totaling "over two times larger than the combined Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 console units shipped in the same period." They also make some predictions about the…

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PCGA: PC Very Big, Actually (Also Different)

The PC Gaming Alliance have made their 2008 report to their members, and provided us with some snippets via the magic of a press release. The release claims that "The report provides an overview of the PC gaming market and the growth of the largest single platform for games with annual revenue of about $11 billion." The full thing is here.The report also portrays "Massively…

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Here Come The Heroes

PC games: still not dead since 1997. Still, sales are down 6% year on year according to increasingly ubiquitous market researchers NPD. How can the decline, this unspecific apocalypse we've been told to fear for so long now, be halted? Inventive, diverse games? Greater support for indie development?Nah, that'd be far too sensible. Instead, how about a humongous and slightly sinister alliance between the industry's…

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