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The PC Gaming Market Is Flipping Enormous

So very often people will ask me, “But what will RPS do as PC game sales decline?” And I tend to look confused at them, and shrug. Um, what will you do when your feet explode, I want to ask, feeling that might be as realistic a worry just now. According to DFC Intelligence whispering their secrets to Games Industry, the PC gaming market should exceed $25 billion this year. That’s a raised forecast from $22bn, and an improvement over 2013, which was an improvement over 2012.

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PC IS STRONG: PC Games Revenue Up 19%


We’re all doomed! Time is running out! What will stop the death of PC games? Perhaps continuing to get bigger each year, with a 20% annual rise in revenue in the already enormous market could help. Once again, our favourite format failed to meet the expectations of the publishing industry, and went and sold billions of dollars worth of games. What is it like, eh?

The PC Gaming Alliance (the scraps of it that remain, anyway) has published a “Horizons” report. Ahhhhhh, horizons. I feel like having a little weep of contentedness. In it they reveal that the PC market scored $16.2 billion in revenue in 2010. Sell your PS3, it is OUR DAY.

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PC “Far From Declining” Says Blizzard Boss

PC developers getting together to discuss piracy

Here’s my impression of the games industry:

“PC games are dead!”

“No they’re not!”

“Yes they are!”

I’m clearly the new Rory Bremner. Add another rallying cry to the “No they’re not!” column, with Blizzard getting all Gabe Newell about the nonsense while talking to Eurogamer.

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