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Everything Must Go: PC Zone Auctions Office

A Manics reference was probably guessable here.

Mags closings are always a sad thing. I recall walking along a brisk beachfront in Tenby reading the final issue of Amiga Power and discovering I’d had my eyes pecked out by birds. If you’ve been sniffling over the final issue of PC Zone, perhaps you want something to remember this fine organ? Well, they’re auctioning off their office on Ebay. And, in an uncharacteristic move for PC Zone, rather than spending the proceeds on tasty booze, they’re giving the proceeds to charity. Gamesaid, to be precise. You can go and see their fine collecting of gaming malarkies here and if you fancy just giving some money without cluttering your house up with PC Zone’s junk, you can donate here. Go kindness! Go!

And, in case you missed it, here’s ex-Editor Will Porter’s tribute to PC Zone. We will never see its like again.

PC Zone: In Tribute

PC Zone, yesterday.

Will Porter was editor of PC Zone in 2008, having worked on the mag for many years previously and since. Below he writes his eulogy for the first PC gaming magazine, that will be closing down after the next issue.

Hi! My name is Will Porter, and I’m here to deliver a stilted eulogy on the imminent demise of a magazine that shaped my love of PC gaming, my love of writing and much of what could laughably be called my career. I can’t help but feel that a lot of RPS readers will have, perhaps in older times, shared my love for PC Zone. As such I asked the RPS hive-mind for a platform on which to stand to address whoever present that wishes to celebrate its life. Or, indeed, tell us all how it was never as good as it used to be. I am aware that this site is to some degree the spawn of the auld enemy, those hateful bastards at PC Gamer, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

During the sermon there will also be a reading from Paul Presley, a surviving veteran of the PC Zone ‘Ninja’ Age, who wrote something lovely about the mag for its Issue 200 celebrations a year and a half ago. There will be coffee and tea in the foyer after the service. A minibus will then be provided for those wishing to head out and start burning shit down.

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Bye-Bye PC Zone

Sad news, chums. Olden UK PC games mag PC Zone has closed, apparently. It’s finished and they’ve all read it.

The next issue will be the last, RPS has been told by a whole bunch of people. And seen, on a company webpage and stuff. Honestly, we’re not just spreading muck here. Farewell, then, to the UK’s first PC games mag. Trails were blazed. It Was Important. And now it’s gone.

Best of luck to everyone on the mag. You will do well.

RPS Criminal Acts Special: Deus Ex 3 Break-In

Courtesy of Alec Meer's Evil Photoshop Fingers

There’s been some complaints that games writing is lacking hard-hitting investigative journalism. With the news that PC Zone’s forthcoming 200th issue will be the first public unveiling of Deus Ex 3, I saw the opportunity to change all that. I know where PC Zone’s London office is. I’m a skilled veteran of many immersive sims. And I have a trenchcoat and can easily buy a pair of shades.

I can break into PC Zone’s office and steal their assets!

So I gave it a shot.
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