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DRAKERZ-Confrontation: Half-Chimera, All-Game

There are days in the business of playing games and then writing about them where you’re taken by surprise, where something new and exciting grabs the proverbials and raises an eyebrow. Be it a hauntingly beautiful isometric robot-destroyer or a first person teenage-maturity-em-up, there’s quite often something new around every digitally distributed corner.¬†On other days, like today, something is so very video games that even its name makes an unwitting statement.

The all-caps, subtitle-appended, z-ended DRAKERZ-Confrontation goes whole hog and combines our latest passion for trading cards with the fantasy battles between giant, mythical creatures. It’s quite tactical, the small battlefield meaning the placement of your avatar – a “Drakos” – is key for flanking attacks and resource management. It’s actually already playable, if in a woefully translated and somewhat buggy beta form, on Steam. The hook of the Kickstarter, meanwhile, is to integrate augmented reality with the free-to-play game and sell real-world cards for use with it. Hmm.

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