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Murder: Ghost In The Shell-Inspired Short Story Is Out

Tell me that for £1.79 I can finish a pretty cyberpunk point ‘n’ click ’em up within half an hour and I’ll say “Ooh you’re twisting my cyberarm, go on then!” So this morning I bought Murder [official site], the newly-released latest from Stranded designer Peter Moorhead and pals. It’s the tale of a Tokyo futurecop investigating, obvs, a murder, and it… is not a game I liked. But I’ll mention it because I know some of you were anticipating Murder, because it only cost me £1.79, and because I can think of far worse ways I might’ve spent that half-hour – are you familiar with ‘shower snotting’?

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Stranded Devs Release Teaser For Next Game: Murder

Are you sure?

In what’s becoming a weekend theme, I’ve found another teaser trailer that excites me despite little else to back it up. We do at least have more than a Greenlight page and nameless developer to go on this time. Murder is a cyberpunk point’n’click from Peter Moorhead and team, those behind Stranded which got the Cara-stamp-of-approval in February. Like their previous project, Murder is gorgeous, mysterious and slightly terrifying. Have a look below.

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Hands-On: Stranded

alone :(
Sometimes, I want to go off-world. I look up at constellations and think that there might be, out there somewhere, the remnants of our imagination. A planet full of the wondrous things that we dream of: a race of noble cyborgs, canyons and canyons of undisturbed blue rock, stalactites of green fragile crystallations, or perhaps somewhere it rains neon yellow. Perhaps our kin might one day crash-land on that undisturbed planet and make all our grimy chores and overcast skies, even our trips to the moon, seem insignificant. This planet of wonders drifts somewhere in space, turning itself over with care.

I’ve been wanting to talk to you about Peter Moorhead’s new project, the exploration-based adventure game Stranded, for a long time. Its little preview build puttered into my inbox a few weeks ago, and crash-landed in my head. It sits there lodged now, like an adventure game lens into Stanley Kubrick’s mind. Read the rest of this entry »