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Murder: Ghost In The Shell-Inspired Short Story Is Out

Tell me that for £1.79 I can finish a pretty cyberpunk point 'n' click 'em up within half an hour and I'll say "Ooh you're twisting my cyberarm, go on then!" So this morning I bought Murder [official site], the newly-released latest from Stranded designer Peter Moorhead and pals. It's the tale of a Tokyo futurecop investigating, obvs, a murder, and it... is not a…

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Stranded Devs Release Teaser For Next Game: Murder

In what's becoming a weekend theme, I've found another teaser trailer that excites me despite little else to back it up. We do at least have more than a Greenlight page and nameless developer to go on this time. Murder is a cyberpunk point'n'click from Peter Moorhead and team, those behind Stranded which got the Cara-stamp-of-approval in February. Like their previous project, Murder is gorgeous,…

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Feature: Stanley Kubrick’s mind

Hands-On: Stranded

Sometimes, I want to go off-world. I look up at constellations and think that there might be, out there somewhere, the remnants of our imagination. A planet full of the wondrous things that we dream of: a race of noble cyborgs, canyons and canyons of undisturbed blue rock, stalactites of green fragile crystallations, or perhaps somewhere it rains neon yellow. Perhaps our kin might one…

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