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Phinally: Phantasy Star Online 2 Journeying West

I think the main lesson games aim to teach us is that - whether past, present, future, alternate universe, or space - there will always be spiders.

I have no idea what to expect from Phantasy Star Online 2. The original sort-of-Diablo-ish monster mash delighted a bright-eyed, bushy tailed (I’ve since had that surgically removed) version of me during the Dreamcast days, but times have changed – especially in MMOtopia. Even so, for better or worse, many of PSO’s longtime staples still seem to be in place here, so we’re looking at randomized dungeons, combo-based combat, and heaps of sci-fi-themed loot. I will, however, soon have the chance to render a verdict without revealing to Japan that their infants can out-speak a college-educated American. Yep: Sega’s finally seen fit to peg Phantasy Star Online 2 with an “early 2013” release in the US and Europe. There’s a mystifyingly parkour-packed trailer after the break.

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Sega Announce Phantasy Star Online 2

'Ph' instead of 'f' is just not cool, okay? Look: 'Phuck you.' See?

More news hot outta Tokyo Game Show! Careful you don’t burn yourself. Sega’s announced Phantasy Star Online 2 is hitting the PC in 2011.

No footage as yet, and not even any details, which is definitely cutting it a bit fine for a game that’s only a year away but nevermind. If you don’t know about Phantasy Star Online, it made its debut on the Dreamcast and pioneered online RPG shenanigans on consoles. The original game has since gone on to spawn a strange collection of half-sequels and has developed a fanbase that I will now politely describe as “friendly and rigid”.

Course, this TGS I was hoping for an entirely different Japanese online-focused console game to be announced for the PC. Click through to find out which one.
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