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Dauntless launches out of beta and onto the Epic Games Store next week

Dauntless, the free-to-play Monster Hunter-alike by Phoenix Labs is due to launch out of open beta next week, finding a new home on the Epic Games Store. On May 21st the game officially launches on PC, making its debut on consoles too. Phoenix Labs are aiming for universal cross-platform play eventually (including Switch and mobile versions later on), with PC and Xbox One players sharing…

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Dauntless to hunt monsters cross-platform on the Epic Store

Dauntless - the free-to-play Monster Hunter-like from Phoenix Labs - is due to permanently migrate to the Epic Store. Previously only available direct from its developers, its old launcher will be retired, and players will be transferred over to Epic's account system, though no date has been announced. Working with Epic has its perks; once it launches on PS4 and Xbox One, it'll offer full…

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Dauntless invites everyone to slay some poor animals in its open beta

"Dauntless is Monster Hunter for people who fear grind", said Edwin Evans-Thirlwell when he wrote about Dauntless last year. Hey! That describes me! After years spent smiling and nodding while people told me about how absorbing Capcom's previous games were, I was confident I'd get sucked into the same dino-trouserfying loop with Monster Hunter: World earlier this year. I was not, and bounced off the…

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Feature: Hands-on gameprey

Dauntless is Monster Hunter for people who fear grind

Behold the Quillshot - a living manifestation of ether, the mystical substance that keeps the flying archipelago of promising Monster Hunter tribute Dauntless [official site] aloft. It's a majestic hybrid of stegosaurus and porcupine, the Quillshot, made up of wayward primal energies that must be freed lest the island beneath us crumble away. It's also a bit of a dick. With Phoenix Lab's Nick Clifford…

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Dauntless offers new footage, new monster deets!

The owl bear monster at the start of the new Dauntless [official site] trailer reminds other people of Trico from The Last Guardian right? It's not just me? Also when they talk about Ramsgate they mean like a mythical place on the Shattered Isles rather than the place just along the coast from Margate in Kent, yeah? Let's catch up with the alpha gameplay trailer…

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