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Impressions: Corpse Of Discovery

A new phenomenon of modern games criticism is playing a game for a bit, then stopping to double-check if you missed its being in early access. That’s certainly something I did when playing Corpse Of Discovery [official site]. (The punning title rendered even more clumsy when a character pronounces its near-homograph with a hard ‘ps’.) But no, despite a growing certainty as I started playing, this is entirely released. That might not be for the best.

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We Can Be Heroes: Gemini

Heroes was an increasingly terrible television programme from 2006, about a group of people who started developing superpowers. Mercifully finally put out of its misery in 2010, its creator Tim Kring went on to develop giant pile of crap Touch, starring Kiefer Sutherland in his return to irrelevance, and we all moved on. Then, for reasons not explicable by modern science, earlier this year original network NBC announced the return of the series, with a 13 part run called Heroes: Reborn. A planet asked, “Why?!” An executive somewhere at NBC asked, “Can we milk this with videogame tie-ins?”

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What’s Nether All About, Then?

Early access survival game Nether seems to have earned plenty of positive coverage in the past few months, and you can perhaps see why: an atmospheric apocalypse aesthetic, hordes of not-quite-zombie mutant things, and brutal PvP. It rings that survival combat bell pretty loudly. It does, however, bear an uncanny resemblance to a game which was not so popular, and was not particularly good – WarZ/Infestation Stories – which didn’t go down well at all. Furthermore, a number of readers have pointed out to me that both Infestation and Nether trademarks were filed by the same person. What could it mean?

I decided to have a play and judge the game on its own spooky merits.

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Video Explosion: Meet Nether, Phosphor’s DayZ Killer

Phosphor – who kicked up a few dust tornadoes with superpowered open-worlder Project Awakened – is forging on from the weeping ruins of a failed Kickstarter. With Awakened “on the backburner” for now, the team of former Midway standouts has turned its attention to massively multiplayer sandbox survival with Nether. The short version? Think DayZ, but in a delicately crafted post-apocalyptic cityscape instead of a re-appropriated Arma island and with the promise of community involvement from top-to-bottom. For better or worse, Phosphor claims that this riff on that Z-iest of days will be at the whims of its fans from day one. For now, however, it’s already decently far along, so go below for two tense PVP scenarios and a video interview with creative director Chip Sineni in which explains why Nether’s not just another DayZ clone. Read the rest of this entry »

No More Heroes: Project Awakened Not Phosphor’s Focus

When last we checked in on Phosphor’s every superhero/all-the-things sim Project Awakened, morale had taken a hit in the wake of a narrowly missed $500,000 Kickstarter goal, but the developer wasn’t ready to hang up its cape, tights, shotgun, Tron light cycle, cowboy hat, ninja sword, and mechanized cybersuit just yet. There were plans on the table. Another crowdfunding drive. A playable prototype. A community driven “part-owner” program. Unfortunately, however, plans change. Now the DayZ-inspired Nether – which has been kicking around in Phosphor’s glowy green chambers for about a year – has moved to the forefront, still almost entirely community driven, but with markedly more survival and less, er, everything else ever.

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Phosphor On Project Awakened’s Life After Kickstarter

There are some things you can’t do, even with all the powers. Those things include healing a broken heart, parallel parking anything larger than a clown car, and evidently, solving the puzzle that is Kickstarter. Phosphor – whose crime-fighting slice of sky pie, Project Awakened, sadly went splat well before its Kickstarter crossed the finish line – knows that all too well. But it’s not ready to give up just yet.  So then, what’s the deal with its allegedly Greenbay-Packers-influenced “part owners” program? And, if crowdfunding failed to swoop in and save the day once, what makes Phosphor so sure it’ll respond to the giant dollar signal in the sky this time? Moreover, even if fans can muster the needed cash, what happens after a bunch of it goes into a robust prototype intended to get backers more involved in the development process? Where will more money come from? Use every power in your arsenal – yes, even smission – to get past the break for precious, precious answers from studio director Chip Sineni.

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Biffstarter: Project Awakened’s Ambitious Funding ‘Plan B’

Police Car Blood Tornado Explosion Man might not be the most popular superhero out there, but he gets the job done.

In a good and just world, all promising games would get Kickstarted, and everyone would live happily ever after. Also, clothes would always feel fresh out of the laundry and chocolate would be the cure for war. Unfortunately, however, our world is not just, and calling it “good” is probably a bit of a stretch. That depressing tangent brings us to Project Awakened. It failed to pass muster on Kickstarter, in spite of promising our neither good nor just world, er, the world. But sometimes, the best ideas only spring to mind when backs are pressed firmly against the wall, and Phosphor’s certainly hatched an intriguing one. In short, it plans to gauge interest in a second crowdfunding effort, but this time it’ll run its own site and – here’s the Kickstarter-stomping kicker – declare backers “partial owners” of the property.

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Night, Night: Project Awakened Kickstarter Falls Short

Project Awakened is ostensibly a game about everything ever. All the places. All the powers. All the graphics. It also heralds from a bunch of former Psi-Ops and Stranglehold developers, who originally got the superpowered idea off the ground while Midway, well, existed. And it’s still going to happen! Just, you know, eventually. In maybe a long, long time. Phosphor still plans on realizing its ridiculously all-encompassing vision, but – out of necessity – its focus for the foreseeable future will be on things that involve slightly less of everything.

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Spiffy Biffing: Project Awakened Shows Off All The Powers

She gets her powers from her hat, clearly.

Project Awakened does not have all the powers. Well, I don’t think it does, anyway. That would be a very large number – probably more than I can count on my fingers, toes, and hyper-sophisticated computational machine on which I do the majority of my day-to-day tasks put together – and thinking about such things makes me uncomfortable. But, if nothing else, I’m certain Phosphor Games’ unabashedly ambitious hero factory contains a lot of powers. That’s my official calculation. But why trust incredibly shifty-looking characters like myself when developer-produced videos created with the sole intention of getting you to spend money tell only the truth? Why indeed.

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Heroes Of Might, Magic, & Anything Else: Project Awakened

I imagine they'll be hearing from lawyers representing Disney and the Mushroom Kingdom before too long.

Bald space marines! They’re pretty great, huh? Always shooting aliens and misplacing their hair everywhere. But in case that pinnacle of videogame characterization wasn’t doing it for you, Phosphor Games is hoping to offer more. Way more. Way, way, way, way more. As in, pretty much anything you can imagine. The basic idea behind Project Awakened is that you get a nigh-bottomless pool of superheroic powers and looks to mix and match in whatever manner you please. These, for instance: “An invisible hero who can charm enemies to fight for her. A non-violent hero with super speed and agility racing past enemies to the goal. A man who spontaneously combusts at will and touches everyone to incinerate them.” OK, well, that last one is the Human Torch, one of the most well-known heroes of all time. But the others seem fairly unique. Video and details after the break.

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