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Wot I Think: 3079

Am I the only one who sees a scary laughing pumpkin when I squint at the red explosion thing?
If it looks like Minecraft and builds (kind of) like Minecraft and – though I haven’t chewed it (yet) – presumably tastes a bit like Minecraft. So is it Minecraft? If we’re talking about “alleged lovechild of Minecraft and Fallout” RPG shooter 3079, then the answer’s a resounding “hardly.” Originally catapulted into the public eye via Indie Royale’s Alpha Bundle, the unabashedly lo-fi indie curiosity recently shed its beta tag and, in its place, donned a slightly heftier price tag. So, is 3079 worth your 2012 time and money? Depends on what you want out of a game purchase, really. Here’s wot I think.

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