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Wait, what? Cube World is coming out

Cube World’s development has been its own epic quest. The voxel-based Minecraftbut was first written about in the vellum back pages of RPS in 2011, by the ancient and wise Rossignol. It's a Zelda and Minecraft inspired RPG, where explorey quests are dropped into a procedurally generated blocky landscape. Since 2013 it has gone through some stuff. It was nearly published by Mojang, independently released,…

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Feature: Oblong Play

Some Time With: Cube World (Alpha)

Tired of our usual excursions in Torchlight II, or Minecraft, or wine, Lady Rossignol and I needed something of a fresh video-distraction for the weekend evenings. Having paid little attention to Cube World, but knowing enough about it to say that I was multiplayer, we decided to embark on the perilous path of the alpha. This is how we got on.

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