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And Now Pid Has An Easy Mode

Notoriously gorgeous platformer Pid heralds from a developer called Might and Delight, and that seems about right. (Disclaimer: that rhyme was completely abysmal, and I am highly ashamed of it. Naturally, I’ve taken my own life in penance.) Sure, it wields a flower bouquet of colorful charm in one hand, but the other’s made of pure iron and prone to crushing dreams. The gravity-warping hop-a-thon’s even drawn comparisons to the likes of Super Meat Boy in terms of sheer difficulty – albeit sans the latter’s wonderfully tight controls. Might and Delight, though, hasn’t turned a deaf ear to complaints. Instead, it’s released a free easy mode that overhauls the whole game. That’s quite an apology.

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And Now You Can Buy Pid

I completely forgot about Might And Delight’s Pid. Last December I saw the first trailer, and my thoughts turned to goshes. Time then went past at a quite inconsiderate rate, and it’s out today. Crikey. And oddly enough, it’s still looking incredibly lovely. I’m going to get my hands on it straight away.

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