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Pillage The Village

What should you be doing right now?

That’s right – smashing cartoon people face down into the ground so they die, and drop their golden coins. Then, when tired, come in and do the same on your computer. See? See what I did there? You thought it was one thing, but then it was something else! Secret of comedy, right there.

A nice big hand.

Pillage The Village is a really impressively crafted Flash game, that involves little more than throwing innocent people in the air, or viciously slamming them against the ground, in order that they die. For all the family! As you progress, the men become harder to murderise, letting out parachutes, or turning invisible in the ninja-style. But your floaty hand of crazed unjustice will see to them, especially as you spend the victims’ coins on new abilities in the betwixt-level shop. Also, “Pillage The Village” is a funny rhyme.

Look, they even made a little label to help us link to it:

Play Pillage The Village