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Posts tagged “Pillow Castle”

Perplexing perspective puzzler Superliminal enters the frame next week

Cor, now here's something I haven't seen in a long, long time. Back in 2014, Superliminal (then an untitled puzzler from developers Pillow Castle) was just a simple little demo with a cool as hell gimmick. "Gosh," I probably said, "that looks neat. I can't wait to give that a spin."Five whole years later, and I'd almost forgot about it. Like fellow mind-bender Manifold Garden,…

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A Matter Of Perspective: Museum Of Simulation Technology

Today's winners for the Goodness That's A Good Idea Award are a team of students from Carnegie Mellon University, Pillow Castle. They've built a tech demo - The Museum Of Simulation Technology - for a game concept in which forced perspective becomes a game mechanic. YES. A planet cries out, "Surely this could be Portal 3?!", forgetting all the other times they'd shouted that over…

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