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The Academy will challenge you to get your think on with its boarding school puzzle adventure

This boarding school puzzle game called The Academy cites its inspirations as both Harry Potter and Professor Layton, the latter, I assume because of puzzles. The former because, yeah those three faces certainly have a familiar dynamic, don't they? Pine Studio have dropped a trailer to announce the game's June 19th release date, so you've got just enough time to study up before the exam.

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Run Like Hell! Seum: Speedrunners From Hell Released

Having spent a chunk of my youth in Quake II mastering strafe-jumping and practising tricks and routes on maps until I could do them backwards, I'm up for a time trial first-person platformer. That's the idea of Seum: Speedrunners from Hell [official site], which launched today. It's a string of short zippy levels with platforms to leap between, buzzsaws to dodge, walls to blast, and…

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