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Co-op RTS DwarfHeim will launch in early access in October, and gets a new demo today

Pineleaf Studio today announced an early access launch date of October 22nd for DwarfHeim, the intriguing cooperative RTS where players take on different roles. You'll need someone in charge of your army, naturally, though you'll need a town to support that army, but how will you build a town without miners? Division of labour is the answer, splitting tasks across players who'll need to work…

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Dwarfheim will let your friends join you even if they don’t own the game

As bearded strategy game Dwarfheim drills down into its development strata, they’ve sent up some ore to be refined into shiny news. I've been digging around in the bucket for riches and found a nice chunk. The biggest nugget revealed that you will be able to invite friends to play multiplayer with you even if they don’t own the game.

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Feature: Two thirds of these games are about dwarves or pharaohs.

The best Steam Festival demos: RTS and city builders

Since the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition has so many demos in it, we've all run off to harvest our own little crop to recommend, picking different genres as our guiding principle. As ever, though, the concept of "genre" has tripped me up like a rake in the dark, and left me flailing to define what connects the six games below. I guess, if there's…

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Feature: AoE2 in the streets, Factorio in the sheets

Is Dwarfheim spectacularly generic, or did it just casually reinvent the RTS?

When the trailer for Dwarfheim popped up during the PC Games Show earlier, I was underwhelmed. In fact, if anything, I was antiwhelmed. I love dwarves, as you probably know. And I love Dwarf Fortress. And when you really love something, you can get protective of it. Over the last few years, there's been an increasing trickle of management-ish games themed on dwarves, and while…

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