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Here I Go: “Pirates Of The Burning Free”

I like the guy on the right.

Another day, another MMORPG goes free to play. This morning it’s 2008 game of naval combat, swashbuckling and trading Pirates of the Burning Sea. Kieron actually had a chat to the developers about the decision a couple of months ago, but now it’s finally happened. As of today the standard $14.99/month subscription simply gets you access to exclusive “Captain’s Club” content. Alternatively, you can buy little items and account upgrades piecemeal over at Treasure Aisle. Yes. Watch the latest and greatest trailer after the jump.
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Pirates Of The Burning Sea Goes Free Chat

When news broke on Thursday about Pirates of the Burning sea going Free-to-play, we got in contact with Flying Lab Software and DEMANDED TIME FOR INTERVIEW-CHAT. They submitted, fearing our mighty wrath. WE THANK THEM FOR THEIR TIME. Er… anyway, here’s CEO Russell Williams and Head Of The Design Department Declan O’Connell talking about this move to go free-to-play before the end of the year, what’s been happening on the Burning Seas and why people who launch subs-only MMOs from now “haven’t gotten the memo”…
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Less Pieces Of Eight: Burning Sea Going Free

Are they just parroting other MMO devs then? Ah! Ah! Ah!

News that Pirates Of The Burning Sea has just released its first free expansion – the previously mentioned Whale-bone-ship-featuring Power & Prestige – has been somewhat shadowed by the simultaneous announcement that it’s joining Everquest 2 and Lord of the Rings Online and going free-to-play. When? Fall. That’s soon, isn’t it, Ameri-chums? Relatively soon, anyway. The model seems to be payments for “premium” content and items, or an alternative “Captain’s Club” subs model – though what this means for currents subs hasn’t been confirmed yet. In the mean time, Power & Prestige’s changes to the game, in terms of port management are available to everyone who’s playing and… oh, let’s just show that whale-ship-stuff again.
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Keeping Its Powder Dry: More Burning Sea

I have one remaining Pirate based pun that hasn't been used yet. I'm keeping its powder dry to... wait! That works for the headline. Onwards.

We haven’t covered Pirates Of The Burning sea for a while – which is lucky, as almost all our previous posts featured a very sinister shot of a pirate. What were we thinking? Anyway, last week Flying Lab announced a free-to-existing-players expansion to come later in the year. The trailer says Summer. The press release says this will be out in August. Is August Summer? DEBATE COMMENT THREADERS. Main additions? 60 new missions, 4 new factions based around privateering, Port Governance and a brawling school of combat. The Port Governance is the most interesting sounding thing, allowing each port to elect a governor with special powers. I wish I had special powers. Sad Emoticon. Anyway – if you’re an active player you can sign up to the Beta here. If you’re not an active player, there’s a two week trial. And the trailer follows. Thing to make you watch the video: 1 minute in, there’s a boat with an enormous whale’s rib-cage on it. Want one!
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