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Fancy A Decent Adventure? Then Go For A: PISS

Edit: New hosting for the file! Get it here. Many thanks to the splendid Projector Games.

Do you want to be told a good story? That’s one of the purest pleasures of the adventure game – the embracing of the linear, pre-destined story that someone wants to tell you. While I often crave a divergent, dynamic and interactive game in which my choices have significance, there’s something wonderful about abandoning all of that, and being the agent that allows a story to be told.

So it was a couple of days ago that I cried out on Twitter asking for a new adventure to play. And via various responses, the creator of many superb games – Ben Chandler – linked me to his unavailable adventure, PISS. Created as part of a collection briefly available last Summer, those who missed it at the time haven’t been able to access it since. Fortunately, despite plans to sell it at a later date, Chandler has agreed to let us link to the Dropbox containing the whole game, which you can grab now.

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