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Pac-Python: Pix The Cat

Pix the Cat [official site] is a score attack arcade game that mashes Pac-Man and Snake together. Pix runs through mazes, boosting by selecting a direction before he hits a junction as in Pac-Man DX Edition, and collects eggs. The eggs hatch and a trail of ducklings follows Pix - the longer the trail, the greater the risk of colliding with it, and the greater…

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Pac-Snake: Pix The Cat Coming To PC

I hadn't thought I'd ever play Pac-Man or its clones ever again until Pac-Man Championship Edition DX arrived. It jazzed the Pac-formula up with speed, excitement, peril, and a whole load of noise, colours, and points pop-ups, turning the old all shiny and new. I am no longer a horrible cynic about new takes on old arcade games. So I'll certainly keep an eye on…

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