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Candlelight Is Aglow With A Demo

You might recall that we previously mentioned Candlelight, the game in which you play as, well, a candle? Well, now you can actually see how that works, thanks to an embedded demo just here. (Requires Unity plug-in.) It’s rather pretty, and the candle-burning mechanic is clever. I can see it being deeply unforgiving, however.

The full game is due to appear some time later this year. Trailer below.
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In Which You Are A Candle: Candlelight

Candlevania: Symphony of the Light.

By all rights, Candlelight should be the significantly dimmer prequel to Torchlight, but it’s not. The reality of the situation, however, might just be even better. See, you play as a candle. Now, if you just got into videogames four seconds ago, you might not know that we don’t normally coat our heroes in wax and set them on fire. Not often enough anyway. Not often enough. But Candlelight looks to take that uncommon concept in an attractive, surprisingly apocalyptic direction, so thank goodness. And honestly, the basic needs, desires, and life aspirations of a mournful, world-weary¬†anthropomorphic candle might just lend themselves to an interesting game. Seriously! All will be illuminated after the break.

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