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Posts tagged “ponds”

Play God With Otters: Free Lake Simulator Among Ripples

Ponds, ponds, ponds - they're all I talk about nowadays. Yesterday I had a lovely swim in 2C water with crackling ice in the center, and I'm leaving now for today's dip. I never know what's beneath me in the murky waters, but it might be handy. I get paranoid when a cormorant's diving near me, wondering if I'd even notice if it plucked off…

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Feature: You suck at water

Longing For Walking Simulators Wot You Do Swimming In

I've taken to swimming in a pond. I can only see a few inches into the silty water, but I know it's deeper than I can dive. It is quite cold, and I've learned to exhale when plunging in so air contracting in my lungs doesn't shock me. I tread water to let the cold sink in before I slowly kick away. I swim front…

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Feature: IT IS COLD

Swimming And Quitting

Hallo chums! I went swimming in a pond again this weekend -- twice, even. Saturday's swim was in the pouring rain, just me and three dozen ducks bobbing about. The water was a pleasant 16.7° C. Quietly stalking a mandarin duck, I decided to commit to making the traditional Christmas morning swim. A lot of conditioning and a little stiff upper lip and it'll be…

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