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Getting Over It creator releases wobbly Pong, FLOP

Bennett Foddy, the fiendish fella behind QWOP and Getting Over It, has shared his own variant of iconic game Pong. It’s named FLOP, and you can probably guess what makes it different. Foddy actually made FLOP years ago, as a secret game hidden in the ace local multiplayer collection Sportsfriends, but now he’s released a standalone version so it’s simpler to play (with events in mind, really, but we benefit too). If you like a bit of jostling on a couch, it might give you some giggles. Read the rest of this entry »

EVE Online devs announce Tron-y futuresport Sparc

Taking a break from their usual obsessions of spaceships and zapbeams, EVE Online developers CCP have announced a full-body virtual reality futuresport. Sparc [official site] looks a bit like Tron’s murderfrisbee or two-ball Pong, plopping two players in a corridor to fling deathdiscs with one hand and shield with the other while moving their body to dodge discs. CCO say Sparc is their first game outside the EVE universe but it still looks all futuristic and cyber-y to me. Here, watch the announcement trailer, which CCP seem to have accidentally cut into a cologne commercial: Read the rest of this entry »

Deflect-o! Free Murderbouncing With Pong Knights

Deflecting a shooter’s shots back at them is, of course, one of the coolest ways to kill video game things, up there with parry and riposte, stomping on things way smaller than you, and shooting faces off with a revolver bigger than a space marine’s boot. Deflection’s also the only way you can kill anything in Pong Knights [Itch page].

It’s a small, free, and fun browser-based game where colourful and cruel shapes stream into a small arena to blast you. Handily, you have a Pong paddle shield to deflect shots back and blow them up to score those cherished mega-points.

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For The Man With Two Brains: PongOut

A very silly, very Friday diversion that I’m mighty tempted to have another crack at when I return home blind-drunk from a chum’s stag do later tonight, solely for malcoordinated hilarity’s sake. It’s Pong. It’s Breakout. It’s Pong and Breakout, both controlled by one player – that’ll be you, then – at the same time. Yeeargh.
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All Downhill Since Pong

Well, this is a little disheartening. Nolan Bushnell, creator of Pong and founder of Atari, reckons we’re all wasting our time. “”Video games today are a race to the bottom,” he reckons in this interview at Electronic Design. “They are pure, unadulterated trash and I’m sad for that.”

While I’m with him in so much as the distressing popularity of Halo 3 makes me pray for the polar icecaps to melt and flood the planet as soon as possible, and it’s hardly a novel occurence for an older generation to decry the hobbies and lifestyle of a younger one, the sweeping generalisation of his statement is massively depressing. The man who pioneered a brand new way to entertain and to socialise doesn’t recognise any of the ways communities and skills and discussion have developed thanks to games over the last 30 years. Perhaps he just doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on. If only we could sit down with him for an afternoon, and show him Portal and Peggle and Frets on Fire and Dwarf Fortress and The Sims and whatever. Unfortunately, as the interview reveals, he’s too busy launching restaurants people can play electronic multiplayer boardgames in at the moment.

More entertainingly, he attempts to attach a moral message to Breakout:

“It was like breaking down walls. And it was a metaphor. The world is better when you break down walls. Walls separate people. The more inclusive we can be, the better we can be as a species.”

And what was either side of Breakout’s wall? Nothing. By playing Breakout, we are uniting nothing and nothing, thus creating nothing. Except the next level, which also contains nothing but a wall. Sorry Nolan, but I’m going to go with Breakout as a message of nihilistic futility myself.